Hello from Turkey Again!

Hello people,
It is long time that l didnt write something, after Romania,actually l didnt have any oppurtunity to write,It was a good time in Romani now in Turkey l start work as a Program Specialist, International Exchange Programs.Actually it is easily work and travel department.My job city is Ankara.From now on l will have maybe short posts.Because l see that if l want to write long l cant… so 🙂

La revedere(Goodbye) Romania.

Hi, buna diminiatza, it is 05:30 am in the morning. At these time ,tomorrow, l will be probably in the plane 😉
l told you guys,l will update my blog.Because almost last 5 days, l didnt sleep during the night and l slept during the day,and today when write my blog l was so sleepy and now l want to add more.
Actually again l was trying to sleep with music(rain sound), but l guess rain make me again to think about more and more and l decided to write.Try it sometimes, l mean to sleep with rain sound.It is good.Try  this link or find on youtube. Anyway, now l am  writing, you  know  what actually, it is  a little bit  weird .Because l know it is  my last  night on my bed, at my home…l dont  feel  bad but  l dont know.It is  like, you leave  everything here and  the life is  going on here, contunuie  but  for  you , it  finish.l  dont  know  how  to  explain  more.l  made  a   small  movie about  actually  how l   feel,lets see it.

Please  dont  cry  Rubeeeeeeeeen( my  brother  from another mother)

And   today  l forget  to write  about  ski  festival in   Baia Mare: “BURN THE STREETS”. Actually l  check Sonia’s  blog  and after l remember.It was   really nice  festival  and  after party ofcourse.There  were a lot  of  skier here in Baia Mare.And  we meet there  with caritas   children.They  was also there   to  see the  festival.





****Caritas Children****

And  this  guy was at  festival, GRASU XXL, a  good  raper 😉

Everybody  know this  song; maria ıona….ooh yeahh,listen 😉

And  one more  photo  from festival, my   turkish friend Mehmet and Me; burn  was  sponsor  of  this   festival ,l guess.But   was  protesting it…:) we   was  drinking another energy  drink, ; “HELL”.Nobody  dont   give fuck to us   but it is  ok :)))

And last  week, l wrote about  plastic  bottle  water and  tap  water, and this  week l  saw  some  advertisement about bottle  water…l should  share it,

They  made   really good  advertisement   just  to sell  this  water  us.By  the  way l really like  the  advertisement…:)

And  another  thing  that l would like to tell  you,l hate key chain like heifel  tower, it  looks  like so beautiful  but  when  you put it  in your pocket it makes  pain or cut  your pocket.It is   so useless and  not  ergonomic.Please  stop to  produce this  keychain.

l think, this  is my last post  from Baia Mare so l  should  share  this song, mama l am coming home.. 🙂

So  seee  uu  guys ;)))




Hello everybody, hello Baia Mare;

This  morning   we  received a   beautiful postcard from our  dear  Ruben( my  brother  from  another mother).Thank  you bro 😉

l  am leaving friday morning so early  from this  beautiful country,from  these  beautiful  people.Actually  tomorrow  will be my last day here 😉 It will be  hard  for me but as all time Ruben  said;”It is ok!”… 🙂 And ofcourse party party party…before leaving…in neavys bar.

l had really good times in Romania and  especially in  this small beautiful  city Baia Mare.Thank you everybody!

l remember  just now last week,l  was in a  local  newspaper in Baia Mare,here is  the link that  you  can also  check online.

And before leaving l want  to share our project movie  with you. Breaking The Walls.

If you ask me  what  l did  last week, actually nothing…:) Just prepare my bag and myself   to  go.Now l think, l am physiologically ready  to  go.Maybe l  will  update  my blog tonight,maybe  l will  write more, because  l  am getting more emotional when l finish my EVS.

So  for now,bye 😉

l am communicating with Ancient Aliens!

Hello Everybody,
It is great day, l am here again to piffle ; but l know you are ready to listen me,aren’t you?
This week, l had a oppurtunity to watch a document about “tapped water” in library.Because of my study( environmental engineering) l already know some stuff about bottled and tapped water but this document was also so nice and explain really what is going on about our drinking water.

And there is another movie about water actually bottled water, named “The Story of Bottled Water (2010) “.It is also really nice,just check it. F**ck what happened to me, am l so environmentalist at these days… 🙂 Not actually but; when you watch these movies you will see a lot of bottle in the middle of ocean and you feel yourself responsible of that.It is not a good feeling,really.
“The Story of Bottled Water (2010) ”

Maybe it will be too much to talk about another movie about environment but here is the reality.Check this trailer or you can say ;” l dont give a f**ck about environment”.l think ,really you can say that but anyway try to check these movies,maybe after your opinion will change a little bit.
Midway – Trailer – A film by Chris Jordan

After talking too much about environment, maybe l can try to write what happened in Baia Mare last week, let me remember…nothing speacial actually…it was a normal week;going party thursday, friday and saturday and sleep during all sunday …:) And some small preparations before l leave.l still have almost 10 days here and this weekend it will be a big street ski festival in Baia Mare, a international one, they will build a ski-park in the City and l think it will be so crazy.We will see…Here is the facebook event; “Burn The Street“.

And it was spanish night,our friends Ruben made a presentation about Spain and especially Galicia,how are galician people, what they like, how they live,Galician’s nature and culture.It was a really great presentation that l really want to go Galicia to that beautiful nature, be ready Ruben; you will be bored because of me.Anyway if you bored l have another Ruben,my brother from another mother; Ruben Carricondo Sanchezz…:)) And here is one photo from this spanish night;

And during all week; Sonia was singing this song like this woman; uuuuuuuuuuuuu vuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,uuuuuuuuuu :)))

l think she miss her country but l know that she had good time here.Arent you Sonia? Lets listen this nice song 😉

F**ck, l was almos forgetting, this monday we met with local volunteers and we play again stupid funny games and we created music…:))) not really actually but we had a lot of fun.Espeacially during Sonia’s Statu Museum Game.

And another photo that l like, it show that our local volunteers have a big creativity 🙂


Ok,ok ,ok before finish my post l would like to talk about a new serie that l start to watch,it confuse my mind too much.Ancient Aliens;



By the way  ; Aliens are really angry to  us  that  we pollute  our world too  much.So be  careful!

Happiness Jumping and FREE HUG!

Maybe l dont really know how is to be drunk; but this week l saw Gian Marco and Bubu when they are jumping in the middle of the road around 05:00 am…For me it is a happiness photo,maybe even it is not about to be drunk, just dont give a fuck anything and feel the moment :)) Jump on the way! l will keep this memorable moment in my mind for whenever l need a smile 🙂 Because it is fucking cool!!! :)) Thank you Bubu and Marco for this moment :))) And this image will better with this song in my mind ; l love you guys….:)

What is the point of “FREE HUG” ? Why people do that, they need a hug or other people need a hug! Maybe both of them.Anyway l had a great time this week at this activity.Actually it was too much people that joined our activity. Strange situations happened ofcourse, l got so different reactions from people ; there was a old lady that she was really happy, she talked about her sons, l think she miss her sons.And there was a guy that l said him; lets hug eachother and he said me; “l am not gay”…..it is ok 🙂 No problem. Actually free hug is a good oppurtunity to communicate with beautiful girls…:) l am kidding 😉 l realise that for free hug, you need to be in patient, because there is so much different person even some of that dont know what is free hug ! But generally l can say that it was good activity! Maybe l will organise it again 😉

We made a big poster for free hug with YMCA Local Volunteers.

As you see, too much people !

This is FREE HUG-This is good!

Caritas Fashion Carnaval,we tried to do fashion carnaval for caritasi children with a lot of activities,around 20 games…wuaaav, it was amazing and funny. l hope all the children like it, we made “catwalk” for them,and they try to do it.It was so funny!

Franciska’s game, walking like frog, pengui, spider…they like, it is a cool game !

Also all the volunteers had fashion costumes….;)

Our catwalk place….;)

And my little Raul 🙂 He was also cool with his that nice hat 😉

And what else is happened last week ? This morning at 05:00 a.m. ; one of my Turkish friend left,he was a really good company for me here.Laravedere Burhan 😉 Have a good flight,l hope you still alive.Because he was not so good when he left! Burhaaaan write me on facebook.Ohhh l forget, burhan is actually not volunteer,he was a erasmus student but he was joining to YMCA’s events.

l think that is all for me that week, Jump Marco and Bubu :)) l love you guys 😉

And l want to share a tv serie ; “Black Mirror”.Now it is 2 season. First season was incredible.It is about so much technology in life ans social media…It is good but dont watch all part in 1 night( it is just 3 part) because l dont want you kill yourself :)))

See u , laravdere 😉

Hakan Nur-YMCA Baia Mare

Breaking The Walls

How are you my dears, how are you? l will try to write good in this post, l mean for grammer and other staff, l dont want to make angry the people again :))
So let’s say, l try to improve my english; but it is like this 🙂 What can l do 🙂

This morning , l went to school to say “good bye” to my little students.It is my last month and it was my last english lesson for that children.Actually it was hard to teach english them, because they are first class and theyb dont know how to write and read… so you should be so creative and energic.And ofcourse you should have a lot of games to learn enlish….So l tried my best, l hope l could teach them at least some english words 🙂
Here is my english class ;

Last week , our new volunteers came and their first weel in Romania.

Pako from spain and Dominika from Poland; our new roommates 🙂 l hope ; they will have a great evs here in Baia Mare.

And this week again we had really great times with caritas children; it will be hard for me to say good bye to them 😉 l will see, still there is 20 day :)) it is ok 🙂

My little Raul, he is so nice,all time he is trying to have fun somehow :)) l love all of them 🙂

Maybe this week, l am so close to children and actually l am a little bit emotional and l saw this video again and l would like share it with you.Please listen her again carefully again,l dont know what can l do for all the children in all the world but here in Romania in Baia Mare, in Caritas, l am trying to do something for that children.l hope l could change something for that children.

And another thing that l would like to share our project poster ; hope you like it 😉

So see u guys, l waiting your nice comments ;))

Cio 🙂

And l just remembered now, l would like to have online radio programme with YMCA Baia Mare.

Mama Dracului !

Hello everybody,
Today morning l saw 3 dog is sleeping under the wall of our apartment.It was to much snow and they were hiding probably.Anyway it was good to see in the morning something like this, just l would like to share with you. Tomorrow l am going to pick up our new volunteer from Cluj.The new volunteer from Spain,Pakote…welcome 😉 And the other volunteer from Poland, she will be here at friday; again we will be 4 people at home, it will be nice 😉 l am already excited.

This week, l was with disability children, played with them and we draw together.It was a nice time for me;)
And here are my heros; Fransizka,Alex and Raul 🙂


Today,Roxana bought my plane ticket to go back home,my country,Turkey…..mama l am coming home….l almost cry….still there is 1 month but l am already emotional :)))

And this week, we had a great meeting with YMCA Local Volunteers.It was a really nice monday with so much jokes and games.

Darius….still trying to find his story- “dreaming game”- if you want to know more about the game, let me knowi l will explain you 😉

This week ,also again we made dance workshop with caritas children.l will upload some photos later.
And this week l was with old people, l see that, when they play chess, they say to eachother:” hay mama draculi” :))))It is funnny 😉 the meaning is like the mother of devil.
And l see that they put one small turkish flag for me in the room.I think they love me :)) This is nice:)) l love them too :))
And this week, tried to cook something, in turkis , its name is “çılbır”. you broke the eggs in boiling water….it was not so bad.
This what l made ;

And this is real one;

l hope l wrote everything that l want to tell, if l am not, l will add it 😉
see u you all mama dracilor :))

Minim cu usturoi !!!

Lika is really nice cooker,she made a very nice salad for us.By the way, if you ask who the hell is Lika? ;she is our new volunteer, maybe not new, because she is here already for 2 mohnts.
Here is that delicious salad;

Firstly, l said l am not gonna eat, l am full, l will just taste it; but after l see that ,f**ck it is so delicious and l was almost finishing all salad 😉

Thank you Lika for that nice salad, but we want again! 🙂

What we did this week, we prepared some dance workshop for “caritas children”. Let’s say ,it was not a workshop ,having fun is better explanation for that good time with children.

So we choosed some funny, nice musics for it; here are some photo with them 😉

And at that photo, probably this child try to teach me something but l think l didnt understand what he want to do 🙂

Actually this dance day was first day in Caritas for Lika.

And she meet with all children, l remember my first day, it was so excited.Because you dont know what is waiting for you in Caritas….:) Here is Lika’s first meeting with children;

And l would like to share with you Lotsika’s crazy vara nudorm dance ;

Now l can say that they have 3 favourite song for dancing; chicken dance,pengui dance and macarena.l think l should say thank you to Ruben that he teach me macarena dance :))

1) Chicken Dance

2) Pengui Dance

3) Macarena

And this week, Franziska made cookie for us, a big evs cookie,thank you Franziska,it was a nice breakfast for me:)

We had a great meeting with local with local volunteers at this week.It was really nice, l hope they like my games, especially story,dreaming game…:) Thank you for that nice game Peter ;)And one of local volunteers show us that funny video that l like it too much,about shourma.Ruuuuuuuuuuuubeeeeen, Aijaaaaaaaaaa; l think you will like this song 😉

See u next week,laravedere 😉