Big Heart

Hello everybody;

l am writing my blog in english,sorry  for my bad  english, l hope  you will understand it! :))

We had a training called IMpossible. 12 days…it was so crazy.We had a lot of fun,so many different country,so many activities, games and ofcourse free food 🙂
l really dont know how to start to choose photos and video, they re too many!!!

Training was about human rights, discrimination… and to develop yourself, sorry again for my english…:)

And ofcourse l made a lot of friend from different countries; Belarus, Armenia,Slovakia,Czech Republic,Italy,Romania…

And during the training ,we made a film about gipsy people, discrimination. l was gipsy guy in the movie :))
Let’s see the movie;

l hope we could show something about discrimination.( This movie made by “impossible training participants” in Baia Mare,Romania ,2012 October.)

what else we did?

Let’s see some photos;

Sonia and Ruben,my lovely roommates…:)) l love them!!!!

Trust game,

Funny times:)

A training in beautiful nature of Romania,IZVOARE

Sonia and Me, after talent show…

Alina and me, in caritas center,

Again another trust game, l did it!!!

And finally before finish my post l want to share a song for my lovely readers:))

Noapta Buna;

l am gonna sleep now, pa:)



Aija,my lovely roommate…:)) how can l forget her; all training she help us about all games and everything;

That’s my lovely,lovely,lovely roommate;

Aija Miltina;


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