magic mushroom

Hello People;

l decided to write english at my that post.Sorry for my bad english ,try to understand it 🙂

So l will write about also my travel thatl wrote before that post.l will keep going for it.

ME and my project partner Sonia are listening some french music that she shared on her post today.You can also check her post.Let’s try to remember what we did last week. Ok, l went with Christina( who is coordinator of Caritas Center) to take some good mashrum from forest at 05:00 in the morning. You should go early,because everybody is going to pick up mashrum.You should be fast 🙂 Let’s see some photos;

As l said you,it was really early; even dark! We went there with Christina’s car.Place was 1 hour far with car to Baia Mare.

l dont remember the name of place but l will ask Christina and l will let you know.

That mashrum is our first mashrum.For me ,it is really hard to find them.But Christina is really professional about that.

Yeah,also l try to find some magic mashrum :)) No no no,l am just kidding :)) That mashrum is really looking good! Right?

Also that mashrum too.Maybe that one is magic mashrum 🙂

Looking good ha? Our 2. mashrum

Romania has a great nature, you should go to check it.

When you find a mashrum,believe me that really you feel better 🙂

And we pick up almost 3 kg mashrum. But l took just 3 mashrum to try to cook with mashrum.Because l dont trust myself to cook by mashrum.

l tried to cook spaghetti by mashrum. And really l didnt like it ; even almost l was vomitting and l leave my plate in kitchen and l went to sleep. But when l wake up,l see that Ruben eat all spaghetti,even he like it too much.l really dont understand but he said even that spaghetti is most delicious spaghetti that l taste…ok….:))

Anybody want to come for next time to get some mashrum? Contact with me.

And another surprise….l decided to make “workshop”; l will try to start with cook something.Let see what s gonna happen?

What else in Baia Mare? There is too much concer because of special festival Baia Mare( l dont remember the name of festival)

And finally before finish my post, That song is for lovely Romanian people and whoever read my post;

See u ,next post

Love you people 🙂

3 thoughts on “magic mushroom

  1. so, i was in Romania last year in June ) i stayed 1 month in Ramnicu Valcea for evs like you 😀
    my romanian friend said me that magic mushrooms and it ‘s interested me, i decided to harvest them 😀 but it wasnt time to harvest shrooms… it starts to harvest from september. i had no time wait for harvest , i left there sadly =))

    soo, can you provide them if you could =)?

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