Gangnam style Style ! :)

Hello Everybody;
Again english:)  becasue l should  write in english at my volunteer  blog and l am writing same  blog in same  time:)) sorry  for my bad english:))

Firstly my flatmate,Sonia’s sister come to Baia Mare to visit me:) She bring for me french chocolate and some staff.She is a really beautiful girl 🙂 Sonia,you should be so happy that you have such a nice sister! We went together photobup,party,party,party…:)

And next day girls want to go “Santa Maria” with me, ofcourse l say yes,because l am a gentelman,so l took 5 girls and we went “Santa Maria”. “Santa Maria” is a monestery that up of the Baia Mare that you can see all the city.It is really nice landscape.You should go at least one time there.l think l will go there with my workshop group.By the way l am gonna start a workshop that l organize small trips around Baia Mare.It will be soo cool!Join my workshop,l will post it on facebook.For my facebook page click here;HAKAN NUR
Ok,let’s see some photos that we made with Aija at Santa Maria.l think we made so nice photos;




And beautiful Baia Mare; soo cool!

And l made some artistic photo with Aija,check it! l think l am a good photographer :)) Ateast not bad! 🙂

And Santa Maria;

2.hand shops…

It is really fomous in Romania.You can find too much second hand shop in Baia Mare.l just find another one yesterday.It is really cool,nice and cheap.You can find everything.l think l am gonna buy some glove for winter.Because winter is coming…! It will be soo cold ,l know.And also you can find so nice shoes,rollerblades.l think also l will buy rollerblade to learn.Not now but later.

Oooov,l just remeber now,last week we went striptease club ,me and my other 2 turkish friend( mehmet and burhan).But fu**k;it was really so bad.Girls start to dance ,it is ok,and after they ask can we drink viski… no no no no,it is so expensive,something like 70 lei,we say we re poor volunteers,students…bla bla and after they start to say some bad words in Romanian, they think that we dont understand but ofcourse we understand and after l say,it is not good, just lets go! :))

Atleast we stayed in club 2 minute :))) NEVER AGAIN!!

And we start to do flasmob; l mean we start to practice.Do you know which song we gonna use for fşashmob dance…?


l know YOU LOVE THIS SONG! 🙂 You will see our real flashmob dance video next days…

Next week is “Halloween.”
And it will be soo cool, there is too much party in Baia Mare,l couldnt decide yet what l am gonna do:)) Some people say that it is american culture but fu**kl dont care,just will have fun; party,party party..:)

l am gonna choose so nice costum:)) Also city ,Baia Mare is so colorful with light,l mean speacial light for “halloween” and christmas.

Ooooo,l almost forget,we made some photos with young YMCA members in park, we had funny .Let see photos;




F**k ,how can l forget, yesterday night,me and Aija ,we went to dormitory of University Nord Baia Mare.One of my friend,turkish guy,Burhan is studing there with Erasmus programme and he invite us to “PIJAMA PARTY”.It was soo cool.New people,and beautiful girls:)) We had too much fun! 🙂

And my last surprise for you,as l told before we gonna be in TV SHOW and we went last week,and l was so nervous:) in the first part of video yoo will see Aija and after 30 minute we change:)) Sometimes l didnt understand question and l start to talk whatever l understand:)))

Shame on me! ok lets see the video.

Ok,dont laugh to me too much!

See u guys!

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