Italian Tamarro Brother!

Hello everybody?

yeah,again english, l am trying to improve my english:))

It is rainy now ,Baia Mare. Yesterday night again ,it was rainy and l looked from the window to sky at 03:00 a.m.It was yellow.Yep sky was yellow and l took a small walk in the city.Silence,rain and yellow sky. Sometimes it is good to walk like this,without any reason 🙂

Today ,me and Ruben went to “Old People Center”.Before today maybe 1 month ago we was there with youth exchange friends and they asked to us where is the other people; ukrainan girl,belgium guy; f**k they remember all of them 🙂 One of them asked about Olga,karete girl,bla bla…:)

Again we try to play chess with them but they are too much professional.Especially “Yanuş”( name should be yanuş,if l remember right) .One of old guy,Radu told about “Ottoman Empire“, “Yıldırım Beyazit”,İstanbul,İzmir…:) Even Radu told me in Turkish; “Osman Paşa” Anyway we had to much fun with them.Hope to see you again guys:)

One of my “on arrival training EVS friend came 3 days ago to visit Maramureş.He is from Italy. Giammario Di Risio,he is my “tamarro,mamarro” brother 🙂 .He cooked for us Spagetti.

And before he came,l was in Cluj with one of friend,Memet.He is new volunteer from Turkey for another organisation in Baia Mare.

So what we did in Cluj? Firstly we went with otostop and we found place to sleep from Couch Surfing before going to Cluj.And l found a couchsurfing party.There was one guy and he invite everybody fromC.S. So we went there with Memet also our hoster come with us too.We was 15 people.It was really good.l think l really like Cluj.

What l want to say else? l want yo go fishiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing? Anybody can find me chip equipments for fishing? Hey romanian people help me:)))

l started to paint something,let s see how will it be:))

And finally, l finish my post and l want to a romanian song with you guys:))l really like this song so much:))

(Like Ruben did)

La revedere,

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