LA TINE SAU LA MINE ?……(sana mı gidioz bana mı? )

Hello everybody again,l am tryin to write again something in English, l hope, you  will understand  it.

Come on! It is ocober! There is still mosquitos… In that way, l am gonna kill all of them.Can you imagine that;” you re tired and you gonna sleep but after one f**ing mosquito start to fly around your ear and make disgusting***sound…zzzzzzz…Oh my got, it is so annoying!
Somebody should talk mosquito for me; l dont want to be a murderer.




Let’s talk about something else; l found a place to run in Baia Mare,that’s awesome.Because before l found that place; l was running on street, near to river,on park…but now l have place to run.

That’ is important for me.If anybody want to know ” where is that running area”; it is near to swimming pool,join me let’s run together 🙂 Run better run…F**ck,just now l remember that song.

We are in 17 of October and it is my almost 3rd month in Baia Mare and l LOVE IT.Because people are really nice here.They re friendly.After 3 monhts; there are something that l am addicted to it :))

1)MISSING PART******** every morn**************late*****************.MISSING PART,WILL BE SOON HERE********

2)SHAORMA;It is not same like Turkish one but it is delicious and we usually go just one store that name” Speedy Gonzales”.The workers are reall nice there.

3)BIZO; they have best food in Baia Mare; we usually go there when we take money from Roxana:) Because at the first day,when we took money, we feel rich and we go to give present ourself;BIZO SANDVICH!!!
Yeah l know all of them is about food 🙂 But l like to eat 🙂
Baia Mare is colder…l hope winter will be ok for me. There is one more thing about Baia Mare that l like,sunrise and sunset;it is not like one at the beach but;it is beautiful; you should see one time atleast .Come on it will make you happier,trust me and try it!

Last week l cut my hair in the school,there is some students that they learning how to cut and if you want you re going there like a volunteer and they use you like model and they make design however you want.And you keep you money, because they dont want money 🙂 Also girls can go there, to cut,to colour hair ( you buy colour yourself).Be a volunteer and go there,if you want to go send me e-mail :)Also Ruben cut his hair too.But now he is in Istanbul he can not talk about,l can say something for Ruben.He is leaving in 15 days.Now he is visiting Türkiye,Bulgaria and some part of Romania.
F**ck he is leaving in 15 days…anymore Ruben.F**ck,the life is really easier with my brother,Ruben.Really l dont want that he go but that is the life,somebody comes; somebody leaves…But really Ruben helped me about too much problem.He is a really good friend,close friend.l am not gonna write more thing about Ruben, because l am almost crying… 🙂 By the way ,the name of the “hair cutting ” school name is Spiru Haret.

And also last week we put poster on streets in Baia Mare with my lovely project partner,Sonia.It was for caritas old people.It was funny to do it.Actually we didnt understand what was about the poster but it is ok:)( Because it was romanian and we didnt ask anybody what that poster about.)

Yeah…it was Y-FEST last week,saturday.It was so colourful for me.Because too much teenager,they all wear different colurful staff,different style.
There were bikers,skaters,graffitiers and small children… F**ck how bikers do that stuff,should be so hard!!!


Teatre*** we were in teatre yesterday nihgt,l didnt understand talking,it was romanian but anyway it was really beautiful.Circus Mundi la Teatrul Municipal Baia Mare.It was organised by an another organisation in Baia Mare( Team4 Youth.)



And another thing, what about my romanian language, l improve it.Look what l learned;” LA TINE SAU LA MINE?” I have a good teacher.:)
Today after blog working, we gonna design a new t-shirt for PHOTOSHOT -6 and after that one we will go to practice a flash-map dance that will gona e in market.Dont worry,l will put the videos about our falsh-map.
And the big news; we re going TV-Show today at around 19:00. l dont know which channel is it but if l learn it l will post it on facebook.

Why people are working in elevator in Romania.l really dont understand.How is it possible,they just in elevator and they ask you which ,7,9,2…? And they push the button…?l asked about it…why…and my coordinator told me that it is something from Comunist time…ok:)


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