Friends… and Halloween!

Hello  my  friends,

Yes again english:)

How re you? Me…? l am  ok,lets  say  good! Actually  a  little  bit sentimental at  these  times.Maybe  because   of  weather maybe  some of my friends  are  leaving  from  Romania that l love   them  too  much,  even  some  of them  already left.

EVS is  really  good,better with  your  friends,that  l am lucky that l have  really really nice   friends  in Romania and  my roommates…all  of them have  a  different place  in my  heart.We  have  sometimes   problems  but  they  make   my life    colourful and better.Thank  you!

And  new  volunteers  are  also coming    today.As  l know,  one  of them  is  from France and one  of them is  from Germany.Hope  to see  you  guys  soon! 🙂

Last week  , we  had a photo  contest , organised  by YMCA.There  were  really  nice  photos.And we  had  winners at different  categories.Lets  see  the  poster  firstly about that  contest:

And  if  you  want  to  check  more  photo about Photo  contest  you check  that  facebook link : PHOTO-SHOT

And in  all  Baia Mare ,there are  Halloween parties.Even  today l think  we  will go  one  of them.So  cool!

There  was  a  really nice  halloween party  that YMCA organised  it  with other  organisations that  l missed  it because of  my phone.But  l want  to share  with you these  nice  halloween  photos.( Click  for  photos  that link-HALLOWEEN) So now, you  can  check  it  from  facebook 🙂

Actuall our Kurban Festival and  Halloween  was almost same  time.And  we  celebrate  both of them.

And  ofcourse  29 October Cumhuriyet Festival for Turkiye.We made a  reall nice  photo with Turkish  flag in Baia Mare , l am gonna  share it later.

(Kurban Bairam that people cut sheep and…)

This  friday  l plan  to go Satu Mare,anybody  want to join me 🙂

See  u  guys

Last thing  that l forget: me  and  my other 2  Turkish friend were again in photo in  Club :))

bye, see u at  my next post 🙂


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