A Small Earring !

Hello everybody,
For me ,”happy rain” falls on sun lights, l mean : rain and sun are in the same time,and that time you can see easily rain droplets.It is really good moment to see that.Even at that time to be wet because of rain is really nice,some kind of happiness.

Small things in your life,like rain droplets can create too many differences in your life…Because life is adventure that all time can shock you!

Last week,before new volunteers came and before Ruben left the Romania: l was going by my bike and also Ruben was with me.We were going home together.And because of earring on my way,l had a flat tire and …l was angry that person who fall down her earring. And 3 or 4 days l didnt use my bike.At least l took my bike to Tomy‘s bike store and they fixed it.

If l go just maybe 4 cm far away from that earrings on the way by my bike or l use another way today to go home…there is too much posibilities…If l dont have flat tire ,probably l will use my bike to go caritas , to go office…and maybe l will have an accident with my bike and l will die and will not have that post,because l will be already death,but thanks l am here 🙂

Maybe when we go with bike, l will try to talk with Ruben and he will not see the car and after we will not have a goodbye paty for him,because he is already death.But he didnt,thank you earrings! l am not mad. Just l am thinking some possibilities in life.Do you think that it is a coincidence that l passed on that earring and it made flat tire of my bike.l think no!

It is look like ,life is playing with us.You know if l go maybe just 3 cm far away…l will not have and all the possibilities will change about life.Can you see,just a earring, what can she do!

There is a television serie that l watch and like too much.In that serie they talk about fate or whatever.As they think life is like a “Y” letter.Now, we are at the down of the letter and : up like “V” and we have to way and all time we choose one and after again and after again.l want to show that video,it is not the same what l wrote here.It is something about paralel universe:but it is good!

Lets see the video:

And lets talk about a little bit what l did last week.

What’s going on Romania? Why old women have white purple hair.Is that new fashion in Baia Mare or Romania.It looks really funny.Almost all old women have white purple hair.Ohh women,they never change! Fashion,fashion.

Sărute mâna! 🙂

On friday,after thursday Ruben’s good bye party l went to Satu Mare.By the ,dont worry we will talk about Ruben’s good bye party 🙂

On friday,some of my friend took me Satu Mare.And l already found a place to sleep from Couchsurfing.It was a quiet city.Maybe because of season.But l like it.l walked alone in the city.There is so much old,architecture and nice buildings.l think l will visit again Satu Mare.

Also In Satu Mare, l saw some gypsy people.The gypsy girls have different hair style.Really nice looking,look at that photo:

Nice,ha? 🙂

And Last week my brother from another mother,RUBEN left.Even Baia Mare was cring,rain rain, too much rain! l understand Baia Mare you.It is ok.He is a cool ,nice guy.l know you want him here but he should go somewhere else,GUATEMALA…There is another people waiting for help in the world and Ruben is going there.He has a big heart.l love this man.Really,l am really happy that l met with Ruben in my life.Anyway; Good Bye my brother.See youin CUBA.

We made a “goodbye party” for Ruben in Neavys;here are photos;

Yeah,at least we made him cry…

Yeah ,it was karaoke night.And l wrote my that post with one song from that karaoke night.l mean listen it when l wrote the post.

Which song you know?…”.And l said hey yeah hey…what’s going on?”

And again we was in Halloween party in Cafe noua noua, f**ck that time we all made costume; as Ruben told, l was tried to be scary chinese guy; but l dont know could l be 🙂 ?

But it was ok, we have fun :))

Caritas…me and my lovely roommates decided to make a party for Caritas children ,special for Halloween.And all we decorate one room in Caritas for children.And we made costum again 🙂 And we prepared really special game for them.l hope we could make them atleast a little bit happy 🙂

We made some kind of contest about costum; they were so funny:)) Check the photos;

The Halloween Party Room in Caritas.

Again we are in costum 🙂 l dont know what l am:)) But it is ok.( As Ruben said all time!)

When the children were coming party room!!! Wuhhhhhuuuuuuuuu 🙂

From the costum contest, they tried to make best ghost costum…:))

And last thing that again my lovely romanian lesson teacher teach me that if a women put her hat near to face it means l want tonight something; but if she put back of head ,it means l am really really tired and l dont want tonight.It is important in Maramureş:))))

As l said beginning of the post,maybe if that earring didnt made my flat tire, l couldnt write that post and you were doing something else now ,except reading my post.You see,life is really strange, like a naghty child, dont stop never,except death!!!

Maybe it contunie…to be contunied…

Larevedere, by the way , l am telling girls, dont put your earrings everywhere,they change my life, the life in the all world:)))

F**ck ,just a earrings…l am still alive and healthy…and laughing that small earring, really strange and for life it is so normal,as should be.Heaa? Maybe not…

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