Travelling is Freedom !

Hello everybody,

Travelling…to go somewhere… to meet with new people…different cultures…different colours…

Yep,last weekend l was in Cluj.The beautiful city,Cluj…

Last friday when we were making “traditional mask” for christmas in YMCA office, l decided to go Cluj and l started to search a couch from ” couchsurfing” .And l was lucky that l found a couch in 20 minute and l left from office in 30 minute to go home and prepare my bag.And l was ready in 10 minute and l wrote address of “couchsurfing home”in a notebookAnd l am ready to go.After l walked to do otostop until the exit of Baia Mare . And l arrived there and l stared to do otostop.l was really so lucky that l just wait maybe 10 minute.One car pick up me and travel started 🙂

You know what is nice…? No plan,Yep l was going Cluj but l dont know that which people l will meet there.Where will l go in Cluj.This is really so good for me.Just go… 🙂 Exactly ” couchsurfing” helped about everything 🙂 To find a place to sleep ,friens to hangout , places and parties to have fun… 🙂

Finall l arrived to Cluj so fast.In the car, l made 2 new friend and all the way we talked about gipsy people,discrimination,romania and Turkish people.The driver and his friend were really nice people.l was lucky that one of them know english.l know ofcourse Romanian 🙂 but l need time 🙂 So they asked me the adress that l will go in Cluj and they changed they way for me and they picked up until the address.It was funny that even they were trying to find home from GPS 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙂 By the way when we go cluj,on the road we saw an accident that one guy dead,he was lieing down.l think one car crashed him.Life…so strange…one man died!

Anyway l arrivde to “couchsurfing home” and Ieva picked up to home.And l realised that she is also volunteer like me and l didnt know that before coming 🙂 They are 4 volunteer in same house,one guy from France and one girl from Germany and one guy from Denmark and Ieva from Latvia. They came to Romania just 1 month ago. l feel myself more relax at home,l dont know why but, when it is volunteer home.It is ok.Everything is ok. I feel myself like at my home:)

After l arrived to home,in 20 minutes .5 new guest came home :)) They are also volunteer from Arad.Where we gonna sleep.We are 10 people:)) But it is ok.It is volunteer home :))

Their project is about games and l think they will visit us.Maybe they will bring some games to play with caristas children.l should talk with Roxana about it 🙂

Thank you for everything guys :)) Peter,Helena ,IEVA and Gary 🙂

Second day,l wake up and l said myself ; let’s meet with new “couchsurfers” and l start to search new couchsurfer on webpage in volunteers house.And after l found a new couchsurfer in 30 minute again.And it was going dark , l mean ,the weather was going dark and the guy from couchsurfing told me that; l am gonna pick up you with my car.Okkkkee :)) Sounds great! Thank you:))

And second day again l stayed in another home.Different people different experince:)) Thank you Oana and Cladiu.

l am sure , l am gonna meet with you again guys:)

See u later,



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