Sibiu is watching you!

Hello Everybody!
l am little bit nervous about all what happened in 2 days.Just before coming to write the blog,in school that we went for english lesson,the teacher was so angry to us.But we dont know “WHY”.Actually l was planning to write so nice thing that l traveled last week.But also l had some problems from Turkiye.But anyway,life is going on!And all possibilities about life are waiting for me,they are ready!

Let’s make a map about where we traveled last week.

Actually it was a great travel,totally full!
Me and my project partner ,we went ” PREDEAL” for “midterm evs training”.It was again amazing 3 days.A lot of young people ,volunteer from all europe who came from different cities in Romania.l heared so much different volunteer stories ; sometimes funny stories what they did and sometimes really bad situations what they lived during the evs project.It was really really good experience to meet with all that people…

When we create a place for disability children.

And inPredeal we learned a new song for energizer,to wake up 🙂

And on youtube,when l wrote “am o casa mica”, there was a lot of video 🙂 That one is l choosed.

So much different countries…Spain,France,Holland,Germany,Romania,Estonia and Turkiye.

l forget to tell you one thing,one Turkish guy from our group,”Furkan Arisoy”,he singed a romanian song…ZECE…Please search on youtube : “Furkan Arisoy”….. :))

After Predeal me and my project partner Sonia, we traveled to Sibiu.We were luckt that our trainer was going “Sibiu” by his car.And we traveld free again until Sibiu.In Sibiu we meet 2 friend of Predeal and we spend the night there.Firstly we meet with one “couch surfer” and he took us one wine taste 🙂 It was not neccessary for me ,because l am not good really with alchol but just to see it , we went there 🙂

And after that beautiful wine taste,an another couch surfer pick up me and Sonia with his car.Because home was so far away from city center.And during the night Sonia slept.Because she was so tired.But me and my new friend ,couch surfer,Marius,we were ready to go party.He picked up me all the club in Sibiu. Maybe 5 different club 🙂

The last club was a Manele music,tigan club.It was so amazing.They were doing live music.I was so impressed about that live music and atmosphere.

Sibiu is really really nice and historical city.Especially,city center is really beautiful.It is like ,the city is watching you.Because there is hole on the roof usually,something like eyes 🙂 Let’s see.Because it is hard to explain with my bad english 🙂

My face is alittle bit f**ked up but it is ok.Check the eyes on the buildings…:) Sibiu is watching you:))

And behind of me there is small wood shops for chrismas.l think in christmas,Sibiu will be more beautiful.

l am not so nationalist but l was happy that l saw my country’s flag in Sibiu… :))

Me and Sonia(my project partner)-City Center-Sibiu

After Sibiu,some friend from Predeal,they invite us to ” Ramnicu Valcea” .And when we arrived there we see that we are not just 2.They invite more…All volunteer from Romania.I think there were almost 50 volunteer…we made reallly good party.2 days in Ramnicu Valcea…It was really nice:

Marine…french girl…she is really really crazy :)) She is really nice friend.She hosted us 2 days in her home.Hope to see u again Marieneeeeeeeeeeeeee. 🙂

And after we came again Baia Mare…:) l love Baia Mare.Because life is easy at here 🙂

On monday we was at center and we made candle for women who killed by their husbands.l think my english is not enouhg to explain it.

And tuesday,yesterday l was in old people center,l really love them.To speak romanian with them is really nice.But they are all time playing chess!!! It is ok.

And Radu( he is not on the photo); we discuss about the romanian and tuırkish language similarity.And after we found out some same words in 2 language;Let me share with you;


And he also told me ;” mercem la mekke…..hacı,imam” :)))

Funny guys :))

Radu also know a little bit french language and he usually talk with sonia.Last time they were discussing about something but l didnt understand so much.l just wrote a name of the song that Radu was trying to sing.

Here is the song;

And also Radu told me about some Turkis chess players that l didnt know before.Yılmaz..Balkan..l will search for it on internet.

l think l will try to learn to play very well chess here.Come on they re really good!!!!

See u next week guys,

by the way ,we will make a movie day at old people center,tomorrow,if you want you can come 🙂

Or you can bring your grandma or grandpa 🙂

see u


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