Hello everybody,
Today is international “volunteer day” but we will talk about it later.
Today is the first snow that l saw in Baia Mare.It is nice to watch when it snow.l hopet that the snow will make everything better!
Why there is too much Jesus and Mary photos in schooool!!! l think if we have same situation in school in Türkiye, it will be f**ked up! l mean the situation.But here it looks like so normal! 🙂

Aija…my little latvian pork 🙂 She left last week and now we are just 2 at home. l think , l wi

ll miss her too much.We had fights here sometimes but :)) l already missed her.Take care Aija,hope to see u again,soooon! And f***ck, it was so emotional for me when she left! l promise l didnt cry ! …

But that is life,after she left,in 2 days we had a new , nice volunteer from Gergia…Lika…:)She is really nice and cute.l hope she will have great time here.

Romanian lessons…at the last lesson l learned about; “PAPA LAPTE!” I think l have best teacher to learn Romanian language 🙂

Last week we try to watch movie with old people in CARITAS but can say that it didnt work 🙂 l mean we put projector ( big screen on the wall); we put a movie about comunist time in Romania.The name of the movie was “Cold Waves”.Let’s see the trailer;

Maybe they didnt like the movie because all time they told us,”pune pune fetele sexy”….means put something sexy :)))

Maybe next time, they are really funny.And they just watch it maybe 5 minute after they say bye… 🙂

And yesterday again l was there CARİTAS OLD PEOPLE CENTER; and in the room where we play chess, Radu put for me a photo…Let’s see the photo, l really like it:))

And in old people center, there is also disability children,they re really nice that l love them too much! Especially there is 4 years old girl, she is so cute…:)) when l left she all time give me a cute kiss :)))

And also yesterday we were in the other caritas with gipsy children.After predeal it was first day that l saw them.l realy miss them so much.In Caritas we prepared small gifts for christmas for children that we gonna give tomorrow.We put chococlate,candy,toy ….l think they will love it.

Beside of that we carry to much gift box, that l like to carry it,because it is gift box:)and you dont know what is inside.l think people send it for children ,especially people from Germany, for christmas time.l am really foreing about that christmas staff; because in my life l never celebrate it, and everything that l see,is reallyy so strange and new for me.

The gift box that l would like to carry, we will see what is inside next week :))

Now in Baia Mare,all the city had light for christmas and we had the 2 biggest treein Romania, l mean christmas tree.It is really big.

l stealed the photo from Dan,sorry 🙂 it was the best photo that l checked on facebook.

Actually, they put that tree and all lights around city for 1 december, because 1 december is national day for ROMANIA.And there was really nice concer at the center and fireworks show and traditional foods around that big tree.There were small wood shops that you can buy hot wine, tea , meat…it was so cool! LA MULTI ANI ROMANIAAAAAA…..They really celeblare it different than us!!! There is too much difference between our national day and Romania.Here ,it is like festival, bayram,people have fun but in Türkiye, l can not say same thing!

At that day,one of my romanian friend shared that video on his facebook wall about romania, maybe he dont like his counrty :))


And again, we will travel…we re going timisuara for one our volunteer friends fake wedding:)) It will be so cool.But l dont know how we will manage it at that cold time, l mean we plan….. to go by otostop…Pray for us guy,l dont want to die becuase of cold weather:)) on the road:))

And last thing that l promise but l forget to put our flashmob video;Gangam sytyle;


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