Porc,monster,snow and Revelations!

Hello Everybody,

l am writing from Baia Mare again 🙂 Actually l am waiting somebody who want to join my workshop; but for now,it is look like there is nobody and l start to write my blog.It is ok 🙂

This monday we were at some friends’ house in the village ,near to Baia Mare ; to see how they cut the pig,and some traditions…And me and Sonia wake up 6:00 in the morning and take a bus…woooav it was so cold man! 🙂 And we arrived that small ,totally white( because of snow) and cute village.And we meet with our friend’s family and at least they bring the pig and they gonna start to work… on pig….here are some photo about what l mean ;

l also helped a little bit; it was smelling so bad.And it was first time in my life to see ” how to cut pig.”We put the pig on that thing as you saw. And after we wash it with hot water.Like this;

Before they bring the pig, the father of the family made fire to make hot water 6:00 a.m. in the morning.

Here is the dead pig.Larevedere pig 🙂 It is just beginning.After they wash with that water they gonna cut hair.My english is really not enough to explain that but lets try to ınderstand on photo.

Ohh yeaah!! It was fucking cold and one of these guy was usually washing his hand with snow!!! Crazy!!! And here is again Romanian people; they start to drink palinka….in the morning :))) hello what is going on!! It is 7 a.m…..:)))) Here is Romania; everyhthing is possibble and life is more beautiful and colorful as romanian flag 😉

One of man from the family,he asked me ;” do you want palinka——–l say,no thank you,l am not good with alchol———and after he asked me again when he was smoking——do you want a cigarette——–l say no thank you, l am not good with cigarette l dont smoke————–and after he asked me again we gonna cook and ear all together,which part you want——– l say no thank you,l dont like pork, it smell really bad 🙂 And after all that no :)) the guy confused about me and say to me; What the fuck!!

No porc,no cigarette , no palinka :)))) And after he asked me do you like romanian girls:)))) l say, yeahhh, they are beautiful :))…

Lets turn to main subject,pig: when we take the a little bit hairy part,after they start to burn skin to make it more clean!!!

Yoooooy, yooooy 🙂

Father of family.He was so friendly to us.But we couldnt stay to much.Because the smell was really bad for me.And in the morning l didnt have breakfast,maybe because of that it make me almost vomit 🙂

He and his wife want that we stay eat with them but l am reallly sorry we couldnt stay:))

Here is a few photo after they burn the pig.

And last thing here is the village, totally white :)))

So,after that beautiful tradition,l feel really bad and during the day, l didnt eat anything:)

And now l know better myself, l really dont like porc,sorry….miroase urât:)))

And this week,l will have guest from U.S. Again couchsurfing :)) l like to use that web page.

And last week we had a oppurtunity to watch and listen christmas songs from little children who weared traditional maramureş clothes.It was so nice,they sing so good.For a short time a feel myself like,l am watching a part of heaven…:)

So much different small chorus…so beautiful sounds and shows

As l said and as you see,they re so beautiful,like a part of heaven 🙂 Little ,Maramureş Children.

Except these; maybe l told you in my past posts,we were making traditional maramureş masks; and this week,in one school,they put all the masks for public.And in school,students did some small shows with mask 😉

How l am looking in that traditional maramureş costum :)) It is really warm !!!

What about with that mask 🙂 l really like it.l think l should contunie my voluntery working with that traditional masks and costums :)) Can be so cool man!

Here are some masks that different organisations made! l think when l came back to Türkiye, l will follow that contest and maybe l will make mask again and l will send it!! Dece nu( Why not?) 🙂

Again,little children from Maramureş!!! Believe me guys, they are really nice, they are singing so good!

it is the photo when they are playing some traditional dance in that costums with a traditional music.

This is school where this organisation happened.

Baia Mare is totally white and here is my happiness with snow 🙂

In Türkiye, l live in a hot city ,HATAY.My hometown ,Hatay is almost most hot city in Türkiye and my university city is İzmir and this city also hot .So here is the point, l am not used to live in cold…and usually l see the snow one day in a year and aterday the snow is over! But here in Baia Mare,it is look like,l will see the snow ,end of my evs :)) It is ok;) Cold but ok!

Sonia ,my project partner and me,having fun with beautiful snow.

Nice car,ha ?

Last week, l was hangout on facebook and l saw that christmas tree that we have in Baia Mare, it is the biggest tree in Europe!!!

Check it;

l think, l am proud of that.Come on! l do my evs really in a nice city with nice people and friends.Life is beautiful here! Thank you Baia Mare !

My frriend ,Burhan,turkish guy was sick last week, he stayed 5 days in hospital.But now he is better ,he is ok.Maybe no more action ….:)) life but it is still ok!

But on thusday,when we were outside,we were buying something from non-stop near to our home.And the old women who is working in the store,she was busy with us,and at the same time,an another guy went inside and he took someting and run! Exactly he stealed something! And after ofcourse old women couldnt run;and after l feel myself gilty,because she was busy with us and she couldnt check all the store,and l said to Burhab; “RUN ,CATCH THE GUY!” .And we run,we find the guy,we catched him and bring to non-stop.And we find what he stealed,he stealed 1 pocket of vodka,16 bottle of vodka…. cool ha :))

And the old lady called the police and they came they took us, burhan, my turkish friend and me and the guy who stealed.Because we have to write declaration…we wait 3 hour….W.T.F ? But turkis friend burhan get angry and he said ; ok we catched the guy and we gave him to police but what the fuck, l dont have to wai t here…. and he left l stayed and there were another friend from romania ,she did translation for me and police.And we wait until 2 a.m.

And after l came again non-stop with police , they bring me home.The old lady told me; thank you very much! It was a bad situation for Burhan ;because he shouldnt run and be in that kind of action situation..:) but that is life and it happened.Hero Burhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

And another thing, last week l start to watch a TV-Serie about end of world, Jesus and….So strange…check it out!

Revelations (2005– ) Set just before the start of Armageddon, the series will follow two central characters, a physicist and a nun, who are racing against the clock to see if the end of the world apocalypse can be averted. Bill Pullman plays Dr. Richard Massey, a Harvard professor whose daughter is murdered by satanists while McElhone stars as a nun who recruits Massey to help investigate whether what’s told in the Book of Revelations is starting to come true. Seltzer and Polone with executive produce the project along with Pariah Television’s Vivian Cannon and Jessika Borsiczky. Written by Anonymous

So,see u guys,

And before leave you, l wanna share good music ;

It is a playlist; modern folk music,so good! This week all time that l listen.Actually l start to search about after one of my volunteer friend talked about music and shity music :)) Gian Marco :))

See u guys,

One thought on “Porc,monster,snow and Revelations!

  1. Hi man, it’s Bin from Sibiu. It’s cool on how you tell the story of processing pork even you not like it.
    Come to Vietnam, I’ll show you how to process a snake 😉

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