Lugu Lugu …!!!

Life is so cool ! It is fucking excited!!! l think again in my brain, l have travelling plans…not really but l can feel:) Dont forget guys; ” Travelling is freedom! ”
In these past days, l watched a movie about gypsy life,one young gypsy man trying to be a real man…Nice movie,especially musics are really nice,l think you should also watch it guys, maybe you already watched it ,who knows 🙂 Anyway here is trailer,check it ;

In these past days,actually l host so much friend,it was really great time with them here.Peter from Cluj,Bin from Sibiu ,Elise from Bucharest.It was such a nice “couchsurfing experience” for me. l keep in my mind Peter’s game; billing billing or it was another name:) Also Bin; he is actually from Vietnam and he is working in Sibiu about some telecommunication engineering.He was full of life,so energic guy! He had so much story, because he traveled a lot because of his job.Elise, beautiful estonian girl 🙂 And Anca…she is actually from Romania.She was one my couchsurfer friend from Cluj. We had a lot of fun here,we went village museum and trip around city,and santa maria monestery.

In village museum, actually in that small trip one of my turkish friend( at the left side) joined us.Also my other volunteers friend too,Lika and Franciska.

This big heater is from art museum.l really like it.It is such a nice heater,beautiful!

Also this heater is so nice !

These funny guys( for me funny) are woodart from maramureş in art museum in Baia Mare.

l saw too much painting here,actually one name that l saw too much, “eugen pascu”,still in my brain.if you come baia mare and if you have time check that art museum,even if you dont like museums like me, it is really nice,even some of that paintings should be at my home.l really like them 🙂

This blue house is from village museum in Baia Mare.It is look like smurf house,isnt it?

Gargamel was here, actually gargamel was born in Maramureş…l am kidding…:)

This is my turkish friend,Burhan!

Photo is from village museum!

l dont now what it means but these vasos on tree are so artistic,so beautiful man!

It is again from village museum.F**ck you should visit here guys, there are also animals here,chickens,rabbits…Check this photo,(photographed by me)

As l said all time; “Life is some kind of chicken! “So you guys, should watch the chickens so carefully!

F**ck l am volunteer,this is amazing, you had a lot fun during that project man! This is amazing experience in your life!

And here is Santa Maria Monestery in Baia Mare.It is first time that l talked with a non,sister in my life.They are really nice, we talked about to sleep one night in Santa Maria.It can be nice to sleep here one night far away from everything,computer,facebook…If you just want to sleep ,it is just 15 lei, some kind od donation actualll l think.And if you want also food 3 meal it is just 50 lei, something like 12 euro,l mean to sleep one day and 3 meal is 12 euro.So nice,l should do it one time before leaving from that beautiful city.By the way it is my last 2 month in Romania.

Also this nice photo is from Santa Maria Monestery,if you go there you have oppurtunity to see all city,all Baia Mare,landscape!

During that travel one volunteer friend from Pietra Neamt.She is also from Turkey and she was travelling aruound Romania.Here is all of us!

In christmas we were invited to our lovely coordinator’s house,thank you for dinner and also gifts 😀

In our country we dont celebrate christmas so here in Baia Mare, l got my first christmas gifts,thank you all! Even Ruben sent me gift from Spain.Thank you my brother from another mother:)

Life is easire with friend,l suggest you guys, make some friend meet new people 🙂 l am not a psychologist but l am living and l had some experience so l can write here, cant l?

Here is “me,sonia (my project partner) and roxana(my coordinator)”

Also thank you for chicken that night, l didnt forget it my mentor:)

An another photo from that chritsmas night, we visit some house and sign some christmas song and have some small gifts,actually it was fucking big milka chochlate.It was so good! Thank you Alina.

Yeah, l think you see that chochlate on my hand:)

At that christmas time, during the holiday ,my turkish friend was helping me to clean house, cooking…some slave staff…:))) l am kidding:)

Burhan is my girl, burhan is my girl…..!!!! l hope you know that funny song, write on youtube; “serkan is my girl”. And you will see what l mean. Come on Burhan ,clean all!!!

New year party, we went the skate park, it was fu**king good party, actually we find it a little bit hard.

Soniaaaaaaaaaa,again she afraid of seeing me! But that time l got a photo!

It is ok Sonia ,dont worry, dont be afraid of me 🙂

And during that holiday, l had a chance to try ice-skateing.l falled down a lot.But it is ok.l did it with Burhan and Bin.

Here are some funny photos for you guys;

We had some little lessons from some children but come on it was first time in our life, also for burhan and Bin.

l think this photo is before l falled down…!!!

Here is Burhan,when he falled down.But anyway we had so much fun!

And here is Bin!

And here is one cartoon that you can practice your romanian language!It is so cool.But l think l need romanian sub.Anybody can help me…..?

And l would like to share with you 2 nice song, first is a little bit hungarian and romanian l think!

And last one, lugu lugu….:))

Larevedere,see u,l hope l wrote everyhthing that l planned to write i f l forget something, l will add it!

See u guys!

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