How is a regular day of a volunteer?

l am really not in the mood to write something.And it is really hard to write something good if you re not in the mood.That’s why l couldnt write anything at that week, but l can talk about a regular day of a volunteer; for example me!
So, l wake up, take a cup of tea, eat something, some small breakfast and take the bike and go caritas( where we work with gypsy children) ,play with them,spend good time with them.l think that part of the day, l mean ” spending time with gypsy children” is really the most beautiful time because you feel why you re here.Yep you can have during all the day but to remind yourself ” why you re here” is really nice.
After come back home, have a lunch, or no usually l dont have lunch,l usually eat dinner and after some snacks during the night.And usually if l dont go outside; l make some tea and l watch some TV-Series.These days l am watching “californication”
Sometimes we go outside to have fun and drink something.And usually we come back with my turkish friend to my home and cook something in the middle of the night, probaply spaghetti…!!! And after ofcıurse tea and some choclate. And sleep…;) sleeping to wake up for a new day.
Here is my last monht , almost last monht in Romania. l hope everything will be ok, will be better.l am not gonna say good bye at my that post,it is so early to say it now 😉
l hope my post is not so boring, l tried my best, maybe not best ; but l tried.So l think l am gonna make a tea, see next week with a nice , better post ;;)
And here is a new song that l listen, some romanian friend suggest me 😉

See u,

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