Minim cu usturoi !!!

Lika is really nice cooker,she made a very nice salad for us.By the way, if you ask who the hell is Lika? ;she is our new volunteer, maybe not new, because she is here already for 2 mohnts.
Here is that delicious salad;

Firstly, l said l am not gonna eat, l am full, l will just taste it; but after l see that ,f**ck it is so delicious and l was almost finishing all salad 😉

Thank you Lika for that nice salad, but we want again! 🙂

What we did this week, we prepared some dance workshop for “caritas children”. Let’s say ,it was not a workshop ,having fun is better explanation for that good time with children.

So we choosed some funny, nice musics for it; here are some photo with them 😉

And at that photo, probably this child try to teach me something but l think l didnt understand what he want to do 🙂

Actually this dance day was first day in Caritas for Lika.

And she meet with all children, l remember my first day, it was so excited.Because you dont know what is waiting for you in Caritas….:) Here is Lika’s first meeting with children;

And l would like to share with you Lotsika’s crazy vara nudorm dance ;

Now l can say that they have 3 favourite song for dancing; chicken dance,pengui dance and macarena.l think l should say thank you to Ruben that he teach me macarena dance :))

1) Chicken Dance

2) Pengui Dance

3) Macarena

And this week, Franziska made cookie for us, a big evs cookie,thank you Franziska,it was a nice breakfast for me:)

We had a great meeting with local with local volunteers at this week.It was really nice, l hope they like my games, especially story,dreaming game…:) Thank you for that nice game Peter ;)And one of local volunteers show us that funny video that l like it too much,about shourma.Ruuuuuuuuuuuubeeeeen, Aijaaaaaaaaaa; l think you will like this song 😉

See u next week,laravedere 😉


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