Mama Dracului !

Hello everybody,
Today morning l saw 3 dog is sleeping under the wall of our apartment.It was to much snow and they were hiding probably.Anyway it was good to see in the morning something like this, just l would like to share with you. Tomorrow l am going to pick up our new volunteer from Cluj.The new volunteer from Spain,Pakote…welcome 😉 And the other volunteer from Poland, she will be here at friday; again we will be 4 people at home, it will be nice 😉 l am already excited.

This week, l was with disability children, played with them and we draw together.It was a nice time for me;)
And here are my heros; Fransizka,Alex and Raul 🙂


Today,Roxana bought my plane ticket to go back home,my country,Turkey…..mama l am coming home….l almost cry….still there is 1 month but l am already emotional :)))

And this week, we had a great meeting with YMCA Local Volunteers.It was a really nice monday with so much jokes and games.

Darius….still trying to find his story- “dreaming game”- if you want to know more about the game, let me knowi l will explain you 😉

This week ,also again we made dance workshop with caritas children.l will upload some photos later.
And this week l was with old people, l see that, when they play chess, they say to eachother:” hay mama draculi” :))))It is funnny 😉 the meaning is like the mother of devil.
And l see that they put one small turkish flag for me in the room.I think they love me :)) This is nice:)) l love them too :))
And this week, tried to cook something, in turkis , its name is “çılbır”. you broke the eggs in boiling water….it was not so bad.
This what l made ;

And this is real one;

l hope l wrote everything that l want to tell, if l am not, l will add it 😉
see u you all mama dracilor :))

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