Breaking The Walls

How are you my dears, how are you? l will try to write good in this post, l mean for grammer and other staff, l dont want to make angry the people again :))
So let’s say, l try to improve my english; but it is like this 🙂 What can l do 🙂

This morning , l went to school to say “good bye” to my little students.It is my last month and it was my last english lesson for that children.Actually it was hard to teach english them, because they are first class and theyb dont know how to write and read… so you should be so creative and energic.And ofcourse you should have a lot of games to learn enlish….So l tried my best, l hope l could teach them at least some english words 🙂
Here is my english class ;

Last week , our new volunteers came and their first weel in Romania.

Pako from spain and Dominika from Poland; our new roommates 🙂 l hope ; they will have a great evs here in Baia Mare.

And this week again we had really great times with caritas children; it will be hard for me to say good bye to them 😉 l will see, still there is 20 day :)) it is ok 🙂

My little Raul, he is so nice,all time he is trying to have fun somehow :)) l love all of them 🙂

Maybe this week, l am so close to children and actually l am a little bit emotional and l saw this video again and l would like share it with you.Please listen her again carefully again,l dont know what can l do for all the children in all the world but here in Romania in Baia Mare, in Caritas, l am trying to do something for that children.l hope l could change something for that children.

And another thing that l would like to share our project poster ; hope you like it 😉

So see u guys, l waiting your nice comments ;))

Cio 🙂

And l just remembered now, l would like to have online radio programme with YMCA Baia Mare.


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