l am communicating with Ancient Aliens!

Hello Everybody,
It is great day, l am here again to piffle ; but l know you are ready to listen me,aren’t you?
This week, l had a oppurtunity to watch a document about “tapped water” in library.Because of my study( environmental engineering) l already know some stuff about bottled and tapped water but this document was also so nice and explain really what is going on about our drinking water.

And there is another movie about water actually bottled water, named “The Story of Bottled Water (2010) “.It is also really nice,just check it. F**ck what happened to me, am l so environmentalist at these days… 🙂 Not actually but; when you watch these movies you will see a lot of bottle in the middle of ocean and you feel yourself responsible of that.It is not a good feeling,really.
“The Story of Bottled Water (2010) ”

Maybe it will be too much to talk about another movie about environment but here is the reality.Check this trailer or you can say ;” l dont give a f**ck about environment”.l think ,really you can say that but anyway try to check these movies,maybe after your opinion will change a little bit.
Midway – Trailer – A film by Chris Jordan

After talking too much about environment, maybe l can try to write what happened in Baia Mare last week, let me remember…nothing speacial actually…it was a normal week;going party thursday, friday and saturday and sleep during all sunday …:) And some small preparations before l leave.l still have almost 10 days here and this weekend it will be a big street ski festival in Baia Mare, a international one, they will build a ski-park in the City and l think it will be so crazy.We will see…Here is the facebook event; “Burn The Street“.

And it was spanish night,our friends Ruben made a presentation about Spain and especially Galicia,how are galician people, what they like, how they live,Galician’s nature and culture.It was a really great presentation that l really want to go Galicia to that beautiful nature, be ready Ruben; you will be bored because of me.Anyway if you bored l have another Ruben,my brother from another mother; Ruben Carricondo Sanchezz…:)) And here is one photo from this spanish night;

And during all week; Sonia was singing this song like this woman; uuuuuuuuuuuuu vuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,uuuuuuuuuu :)))

l think she miss her country but l know that she had good time here.Arent you Sonia? Lets listen this nice song 😉

F**ck, l was almos forgetting, this monday we met with local volunteers and we play again stupid funny games and we created music…:))) not really actually but we had a lot of fun.Espeacially during Sonia’s Statu Museum Game.

And another photo that l like, it show that our local volunteers have a big creativity 🙂


Ok,ok ,ok before finish my post l would like to talk about a new serie that l start to watch,it confuse my mind too much.Ancient Aliens;



By the way  ; Aliens are really angry to  us  that  we pollute  our world too  much.So be  careful!


Happiness Jumping and FREE HUG!

Maybe l dont really know how is to be drunk; but this week l saw Gian Marco and Bubu when they are jumping in the middle of the road around 05:00 am…For me it is a happiness photo,maybe even it is not about to be drunk, just dont give a fuck anything and feel the moment :)) Jump on the way! l will keep this memorable moment in my mind for whenever l need a smile 🙂 Because it is fucking cool!!! :)) Thank you Bubu and Marco for this moment :))) And this image will better with this song in my mind ; l love you guys….:)

What is the point of “FREE HUG” ? Why people do that, they need a hug or other people need a hug! Maybe both of them.Anyway l had a great time this week at this activity.Actually it was too much people that joined our activity. Strange situations happened ofcourse, l got so different reactions from people ; there was a old lady that she was really happy, she talked about her sons, l think she miss her sons.And there was a guy that l said him; lets hug eachother and he said me; “l am not gay”…..it is ok 🙂 No problem. Actually free hug is a good oppurtunity to communicate with beautiful girls…:) l am kidding 😉 l realise that for free hug, you need to be in patient, because there is so much different person even some of that dont know what is free hug ! But generally l can say that it was good activity! Maybe l will organise it again 😉

We made a big poster for free hug with YMCA Local Volunteers.

As you see, too much people !

This is FREE HUG-This is good!

Caritas Fashion Carnaval,we tried to do fashion carnaval for caritasi children with a lot of activities,around 20 games…wuaaav, it was amazing and funny. l hope all the children like it, we made “catwalk” for them,and they try to do it.It was so funny!

Franciska’s game, walking like frog, pengui, spider…they like, it is a cool game !

Also all the volunteers had fashion costumes….;)

Our catwalk place….;)

And my little Raul 🙂 He was also cool with his that nice hat 😉

And what else is happened last week ? This morning at 05:00 a.m. ; one of my Turkish friend left,he was a really good company for me here.Laravedere Burhan 😉 Have a good flight,l hope you still alive.Because he was not so good when he left! Burhaaaan write me on facebook.Ohhh l forget, burhan is actually not volunteer,he was a erasmus student but he was joining to YMCA’s events.

l think that is all for me that week, Jump Marco and Bubu :)) l love you guys 😉

And l want to share a tv serie ; “Black Mirror”.Now it is 2 season. First season was incredible.It is about so much technology in life ans social media…It is good but dont watch all part in 1 night( it is just 3 part) because l dont want you kill yourself :)))

See u , laravdere 😉

Hakan Nur-YMCA Baia Mare

Mama Dracului !

Hello everybody,
Today morning l saw 3 dog is sleeping under the wall of our apartment.It was to much snow and they were hiding probably.Anyway it was good to see in the morning something like this, just l would like to share with you. Tomorrow l am going to pick up our new volunteer from Cluj.The new volunteer from Spain,Pakote…welcome 😉 And the other volunteer from Poland, she will be here at friday; again we will be 4 people at home, it will be nice 😉 l am already excited.

This week, l was with disability children, played with them and we draw together.It was a nice time for me;)
And here are my heros; Fransizka,Alex and Raul 🙂


Today,Roxana bought my plane ticket to go back home,my country,Turkey…..mama l am coming home….l almost cry….still there is 1 month but l am already emotional :)))

And this week, we had a great meeting with YMCA Local Volunteers.It was a really nice monday with so much jokes and games.

Darius….still trying to find his story- “dreaming game”- if you want to know more about the game, let me knowi l will explain you 😉

This week ,also again we made dance workshop with caritas children.l will upload some photos later.
And this week l was with old people, l see that, when they play chess, they say to eachother:” hay mama draculi” :))))It is funnny 😉 the meaning is like the mother of devil.
And l see that they put one small turkish flag for me in the room.I think they love me :)) This is nice:)) l love them too :))
And this week, tried to cook something, in turkis , its name is “çılbır”. you broke the eggs in boiling water….it was not so bad.
This what l made ;

And this is real one;

l hope l wrote everything that l want to tell, if l am not, l will add it 😉
see u you all mama dracilor :))

Lugu Lugu …!!!

Life is so cool ! It is fucking excited!!! l think again in my brain, l have travelling plans…not really but l can feel:) Dont forget guys; ” Travelling is freedom! ”
In these past days, l watched a movie about gypsy life,one young gypsy man trying to be a real man…Nice movie,especially musics are really nice,l think you should also watch it guys, maybe you already watched it ,who knows 🙂 Anyway here is trailer,check it ;

In these past days,actually l host so much friend,it was really great time with them here.Peter from Cluj,Bin from Sibiu ,Elise from Bucharest.It was such a nice “couchsurfing experience” for me. l keep in my mind Peter’s game; billing billing or it was another name:) Also Bin; he is actually from Vietnam and he is working in Sibiu about some telecommunication engineering.He was full of life,so energic guy! He had so much story, because he traveled a lot because of his job.Elise, beautiful estonian girl 🙂 And Anca…she is actually from Romania.She was one my couchsurfer friend from Cluj. We had a lot of fun here,we went village museum and trip around city,and santa maria monestery.

In village museum, actually in that small trip one of my turkish friend( at the left side) joined us.Also my other volunteers friend too,Lika and Franciska.

This big heater is from art museum.l really like it.It is such a nice heater,beautiful!

Also this heater is so nice !

These funny guys( for me funny) are woodart from maramureş in art museum in Baia Mare.

l saw too much painting here,actually one name that l saw too much, “eugen pascu”,still in my brain.if you come baia mare and if you have time check that art museum,even if you dont like museums like me, it is really nice,even some of that paintings should be at my home.l really like them 🙂

This blue house is from village museum in Baia Mare.It is look like smurf house,isnt it?

Gargamel was here, actually gargamel was born in Maramureş…l am kidding…:)

This is my turkish friend,Burhan!

Photo is from village museum!

l dont now what it means but these vasos on tree are so artistic,so beautiful man!

It is again from village museum.F**ck you should visit here guys, there are also animals here,chickens,rabbits…Check this photo,(photographed by me)

As l said all time; “Life is some kind of chicken! “So you guys, should watch the chickens so carefully!

F**ck l am volunteer,this is amazing, you had a lot fun during that project man! This is amazing experience in your life!

And here is Santa Maria Monestery in Baia Mare.It is first time that l talked with a non,sister in my life.They are really nice, we talked about to sleep one night in Santa Maria.It can be nice to sleep here one night far away from everything,computer,facebook…If you just want to sleep ,it is just 15 lei, some kind od donation actualll l think.And if you want also food 3 meal it is just 50 lei, something like 12 euro,l mean to sleep one day and 3 meal is 12 euro.So nice,l should do it one time before leaving from that beautiful city.By the way it is my last 2 month in Romania.

Also this nice photo is from Santa Maria Monestery,if you go there you have oppurtunity to see all city,all Baia Mare,landscape!

During that travel one volunteer friend from Pietra Neamt.She is also from Turkey and she was travelling aruound Romania.Here is all of us!

In christmas we were invited to our lovely coordinator’s house,thank you for dinner and also gifts 😀

In our country we dont celebrate christmas so here in Baia Mare, l got my first christmas gifts,thank you all! Even Ruben sent me gift from Spain.Thank you my brother from another mother:)

Life is easire with friend,l suggest you guys, make some friend meet new people 🙂 l am not a psychologist but l am living and l had some experience so l can write here, cant l?

Here is “me,sonia (my project partner) and roxana(my coordinator)”

Also thank you for chicken that night, l didnt forget it my mentor:)

An another photo from that chritsmas night, we visit some house and sign some christmas song and have some small gifts,actually it was fucking big milka chochlate.It was so good! Thank you Alina.

Yeah, l think you see that chochlate on my hand:)

At that christmas time, during the holiday ,my turkish friend was helping me to clean house, cooking…some slave staff…:))) l am kidding:)

Burhan is my girl, burhan is my girl…..!!!! l hope you know that funny song, write on youtube; “serkan is my girl”. And you will see what l mean. Come on Burhan ,clean all!!!

New year party, we went the skate park, it was fu**king good party, actually we find it a little bit hard.

Soniaaaaaaaaaa,again she afraid of seeing me! But that time l got a photo!

It is ok Sonia ,dont worry, dont be afraid of me 🙂

And during that holiday, l had a chance to try ice-skateing.l falled down a lot.But it is ok.l did it with Burhan and Bin.

Here are some funny photos for you guys;

We had some little lessons from some children but come on it was first time in our life, also for burhan and Bin.

l think this photo is before l falled down…!!!

Here is Burhan,when he falled down.But anyway we had so much fun!

And here is Bin!

And here is one cartoon that you can practice your romanian language!It is so cool.But l think l need romanian sub.Anybody can help me…..?

And l would like to share with you 2 nice song, first is a little bit hungarian and romanian l think!

And last one, lugu lugu….:))

Larevedere,see u,l hope l wrote everyhthing that l planned to write i f l forget something, l will add it!

See u guys!

Porc,monster,snow and Revelations!

Hello Everybody,

l am writing from Baia Mare again 🙂 Actually l am waiting somebody who want to join my workshop; but for now,it is look like there is nobody and l start to write my blog.It is ok 🙂

This monday we were at some friends’ house in the village ,near to Baia Mare ; to see how they cut the pig,and some traditions…And me and Sonia wake up 6:00 in the morning and take a bus…woooav it was so cold man! 🙂 And we arrived that small ,totally white( because of snow) and cute village.And we meet with our friend’s family and at least they bring the pig and they gonna start to work… on pig….here are some photo about what l mean ;

l also helped a little bit; it was smelling so bad.And it was first time in my life to see ” how to cut pig.”We put the pig on that thing as you saw. And after we wash it with hot water.Like this;

Before they bring the pig, the father of the family made fire to make hot water 6:00 a.m. in the morning.

Here is the dead pig.Larevedere pig 🙂 It is just beginning.After they wash with that water they gonna cut hair.My english is really not enough to explain that but lets try to ınderstand on photo.

Ohh yeaah!! It was fucking cold and one of these guy was usually washing his hand with snow!!! Crazy!!! And here is again Romanian people; they start to drink palinka….in the morning :))) hello what is going on!! It is 7 a.m…..:)))) Here is Romania; everyhthing is possibble and life is more beautiful and colorful as romanian flag 😉

One of man from the family,he asked me ;” do you want palinka——–l say,no thank you,l am not good with alchol———and after he asked me again when he was smoking——do you want a cigarette——–l say no thank you, l am not good with cigarette l dont smoke————–and after he asked me again we gonna cook and ear all together,which part you want——– l say no thank you,l dont like pork, it smell really bad 🙂 And after all that no :)) the guy confused about me and say to me; What the fuck!!

No porc,no cigarette , no palinka :)))) And after he asked me do you like romanian girls:)))) l say, yeahhh, they are beautiful :))…

Lets turn to main subject,pig: when we take the a little bit hairy part,after they start to burn skin to make it more clean!!!

Yoooooy, yooooy 🙂

Father of family.He was so friendly to us.But we couldnt stay to much.Because the smell was really bad for me.And in the morning l didnt have breakfast,maybe because of that it make me almost vomit 🙂

He and his wife want that we stay eat with them but l am reallly sorry we couldnt stay:))

Here is a few photo after they burn the pig.

And last thing here is the village, totally white :)))

So,after that beautiful tradition,l feel really bad and during the day, l didnt eat anything:)

And now l know better myself, l really dont like porc,sorry….miroase urât:)))

And this week,l will have guest from U.S. Again couchsurfing :)) l like to use that web page.

And last week we had a oppurtunity to watch and listen christmas songs from little children who weared traditional maramureş clothes.It was so nice,they sing so good.For a short time a feel myself like,l am watching a part of heaven…:)

So much different small chorus…so beautiful sounds and shows

As l said and as you see,they re so beautiful,like a part of heaven 🙂 Little ,Maramureş Children.

Except these; maybe l told you in my past posts,we were making traditional maramureş masks; and this week,in one school,they put all the masks for public.And in school,students did some small shows with mask 😉

How l am looking in that traditional maramureş costum :)) It is really warm !!!

What about with that mask 🙂 l really like it.l think l should contunie my voluntery working with that traditional masks and costums :)) Can be so cool man!

Here are some masks that different organisations made! l think when l came back to Türkiye, l will follow that contest and maybe l will make mask again and l will send it!! Dece nu( Why not?) 🙂

Again,little children from Maramureş!!! Believe me guys, they are really nice, they are singing so good!

it is the photo when they are playing some traditional dance in that costums with a traditional music.

This is school where this organisation happened.

Baia Mare is totally white and here is my happiness with snow 🙂

In Türkiye, l live in a hot city ,HATAY.My hometown ,Hatay is almost most hot city in Türkiye and my university city is İzmir and this city also hot .So here is the point, l am not used to live in cold…and usually l see the snow one day in a year and aterday the snow is over! But here in Baia Mare,it is look like,l will see the snow ,end of my evs :)) It is ok;) Cold but ok!

Sonia ,my project partner and me,having fun with beautiful snow.

Nice car,ha ?

Last week, l was hangout on facebook and l saw that christmas tree that we have in Baia Mare, it is the biggest tree in Europe!!!

Check it;

l think, l am proud of that.Come on! l do my evs really in a nice city with nice people and friends.Life is beautiful here! Thank you Baia Mare !

My frriend ,Burhan,turkish guy was sick last week, he stayed 5 days in hospital.But now he is better ,he is ok.Maybe no more action ….:)) life but it is still ok!

But on thusday,when we were outside,we were buying something from non-stop near to our home.And the old women who is working in the store,she was busy with us,and at the same time,an another guy went inside and he took someting and run! Exactly he stealed something! And after ofcourse old women couldnt run;and after l feel myself gilty,because she was busy with us and she couldnt check all the store,and l said to Burhab; “RUN ,CATCH THE GUY!” .And we run,we find the guy,we catched him and bring to non-stop.And we find what he stealed,he stealed 1 pocket of vodka,16 bottle of vodka…. cool ha :))

And the old lady called the police and they came they took us, burhan, my turkish friend and me and the guy who stealed.Because we have to write declaration…we wait 3 hour….W.T.F ? But turkis friend burhan get angry and he said ; ok we catched the guy and we gave him to police but what the fuck, l dont have to wai t here…. and he left l stayed and there were another friend from romania ,she did translation for me and police.And we wait until 2 a.m.

And after l came again non-stop with police , they bring me home.The old lady told me; thank you very much! It was a bad situation for Burhan ;because he shouldnt run and be in that kind of action situation..:) but that is life and it happened.Hero Burhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

And another thing, last week l start to watch a TV-Serie about end of world, Jesus and….So strange…check it out!

Revelations (2005– ) Set just before the start of Armageddon, the series will follow two central characters, a physicist and a nun, who are racing against the clock to see if the end of the world apocalypse can be averted. Bill Pullman plays Dr. Richard Massey, a Harvard professor whose daughter is murdered by satanists while McElhone stars as a nun who recruits Massey to help investigate whether what’s told in the Book of Revelations is starting to come true. Seltzer and Polone with executive produce the project along with Pariah Television’s Vivian Cannon and Jessika Borsiczky. Written by Anonymous

So,see u guys,

And before leave you, l wanna share good music ;

It is a playlist; modern folk music,so good! This week all time that l listen.Actually l start to search about after one of my volunteer friend talked about music and shity music :)) Gian Marco :))

See u guys,


Hello everybody,
Today is international “volunteer day” but we will talk about it later.
Today is the first snow that l saw in Baia Mare.It is nice to watch when it snow.l hopet that the snow will make everything better!
Why there is too much Jesus and Mary photos in schooool!!! l think if we have same situation in school in Türkiye, it will be f**ked up! l mean the situation.But here it looks like so normal! 🙂

Aija…my little latvian pork 🙂 She left last week and now we are just 2 at home. l think , l wi

ll miss her too much.We had fights here sometimes but :)) l already missed her.Take care Aija,hope to see u again,soooon! And f***ck, it was so emotional for me when she left! l promise l didnt cry ! …

But that is life,after she left,in 2 days we had a new , nice volunteer from Gergia…Lika…:)She is really nice and cute.l hope she will have great time here.

Romanian lessons…at the last lesson l learned about; “PAPA LAPTE!” I think l have best teacher to learn Romanian language 🙂

Last week we try to watch movie with old people in CARITAS but can say that it didnt work 🙂 l mean we put projector ( big screen on the wall); we put a movie about comunist time in Romania.The name of the movie was “Cold Waves”.Let’s see the trailer;

Maybe they didnt like the movie because all time they told us,”pune pune fetele sexy”….means put something sexy :)))

Maybe next time, they are really funny.And they just watch it maybe 5 minute after they say bye… 🙂

And yesterday again l was there CARİTAS OLD PEOPLE CENTER; and in the room where we play chess, Radu put for me a photo…Let’s see the photo, l really like it:))

And in old people center, there is also disability children,they re really nice that l love them too much! Especially there is 4 years old girl, she is so cute…:)) when l left she all time give me a cute kiss :)))

And also yesterday we were in the other caritas with gipsy children.After predeal it was first day that l saw them.l realy miss them so much.In Caritas we prepared small gifts for christmas for children that we gonna give tomorrow.We put chococlate,candy,toy ….l think they will love it.

Beside of that we carry to much gift box, that l like to carry it,because it is gift box:)and you dont know what is inside.l think people send it for children ,especially people from Germany, for christmas time.l am really foreing about that christmas staff; because in my life l never celebrate it, and everything that l see,is reallyy so strange and new for me.

The gift box that l would like to carry, we will see what is inside next week :))

Now in Baia Mare,all the city had light for christmas and we had the 2 biggest treein Romania, l mean christmas tree.It is really big.

l stealed the photo from Dan,sorry 🙂 it was the best photo that l checked on facebook.

Actually, they put that tree and all lights around city for 1 december, because 1 december is national day for ROMANIA.And there was really nice concer at the center and fireworks show and traditional foods around that big tree.There were small wood shops that you can buy hot wine, tea , meat…it was so cool! LA MULTI ANI ROMANIAAAAAA…..They really celeblare it different than us!!! There is too much difference between our national day and Romania.Here ,it is like festival, bayram,people have fun but in Türkiye, l can not say same thing!

At that day,one of my romanian friend shared that video on his facebook wall about romania, maybe he dont like his counrty :))


And again, we will travel…we re going timisuara for one our volunteer friends fake wedding:)) It will be so cool.But l dont know how we will manage it at that cold time, l mean we plan….. to go by otostop…Pray for us guy,l dont want to die becuase of cold weather:)) on the road:))

And last thing that l promise but l forget to put our flashmob video;Gangam sytyle;


Sibiu is watching you!

Hello Everybody!
l am little bit nervous about all what happened in 2 days.Just before coming to write the blog,in school that we went for english lesson,the teacher was so angry to us.But we dont know “WHY”.Actually l was planning to write so nice thing that l traveled last week.But also l had some problems from Turkiye.But anyway,life is going on!And all possibilities about life are waiting for me,they are ready!

Let’s make a map about where we traveled last week.

Actually it was a great travel,totally full!
Me and my project partner ,we went ” PREDEAL” for “midterm evs training”.It was again amazing 3 days.A lot of young people ,volunteer from all europe who came from different cities in Romania.l heared so much different volunteer stories ; sometimes funny stories what they did and sometimes really bad situations what they lived during the evs project.It was really really good experience to meet with all that people…

When we create a place for disability children.

And inPredeal we learned a new song for energizer,to wake up 🙂

And on youtube,when l wrote “am o casa mica”, there was a lot of video 🙂 That one is l choosed.

So much different countries…Spain,France,Holland,Germany,Romania,Estonia and Turkiye.

l forget to tell you one thing,one Turkish guy from our group,”Furkan Arisoy”,he singed a romanian song…ZECE…Please search on youtube : “Furkan Arisoy”….. :))

After Predeal me and my project partner Sonia, we traveled to Sibiu.We were luckt that our trainer was going “Sibiu” by his car.And we traveld free again until Sibiu.In Sibiu we meet 2 friend of Predeal and we spend the night there.Firstly we meet with one “couch surfer” and he took us one wine taste 🙂 It was not neccessary for me ,because l am not good really with alchol but just to see it , we went there 🙂

And after that beautiful wine taste,an another couch surfer pick up me and Sonia with his car.Because home was so far away from city center.And during the night Sonia slept.Because she was so tired.But me and my new friend ,couch surfer,Marius,we were ready to go party.He picked up me all the club in Sibiu. Maybe 5 different club 🙂

The last club was a Manele music,tigan club.It was so amazing.They were doing live music.I was so impressed about that live music and atmosphere.

Sibiu is really really nice and historical city.Especially,city center is really beautiful.It is like ,the city is watching you.Because there is hole on the roof usually,something like eyes 🙂 Let’s see.Because it is hard to explain with my bad english 🙂

My face is alittle bit f**ked up but it is ok.Check the eyes on the buildings…:) Sibiu is watching you:))

And behind of me there is small wood shops for chrismas.l think in christmas,Sibiu will be more beautiful.

l am not so nationalist but l was happy that l saw my country’s flag in Sibiu… :))

Me and Sonia(my project partner)-City Center-Sibiu

After Sibiu,some friend from Predeal,they invite us to ” Ramnicu Valcea” .And when we arrived there we see that we are not just 2.They invite more…All volunteer from Romania.I think there were almost 50 volunteer…we made reallly good party.2 days in Ramnicu Valcea…It was really nice:

Marine…french girl…she is really really crazy :)) She is really nice friend.She hosted us 2 days in her home.Hope to see u again Marieneeeeeeeeeeeeee. 🙂

And after we came again Baia Mare…:) l love Baia Mare.Because life is easy at here 🙂

On monday we was at center and we made candle for women who killed by their husbands.l think my english is not enouhg to explain it.

And tuesday,yesterday l was in old people center,l really love them.To speak romanian with them is really nice.But they are all time playing chess!!! It is ok.

And Radu( he is not on the photo); we discuss about the romanian and tuırkish language similarity.And after we found out some same words in 2 language;Let me share with you;


And he also told me ;” mercem la mekke…..hacı,imam” :)))

Funny guys :))

Radu also know a little bit french language and he usually talk with sonia.Last time they were discussing about something but l didnt understand so much.l just wrote a name of the song that Radu was trying to sing.

Here is the song;

And also Radu told me about some Turkis chess players that l didnt know before.Yılmaz..Balkan..l will search for it on internet.

l think l will try to learn to play very well chess here.Come on they re really good!!!!

See u next week guys,

by the way ,we will make a movie day at old people center,tomorrow,if you want you can come 🙂

Or you can bring your grandma or grandpa 🙂

see u